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Teens and Adolescents


Our Mission:

The mission of York Counseling Services is to provide spiritual and emotional healing to hurting people - with an emphasis on adolescents and teens and to provide specialized counseling services for pastors and ministry staff.

About Pastoral & Ministry Counseling

In addition to counseling individuals, couples and families, we also provide special counseling for pastors and ministry staff. Ministry is a rewarding and fulfilling calling, but it can be incredibly stressful as well. Members of a church ministry often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and therefore should be mindful of their own well-being. We provide spiritual support and treatment designed specifically for the needs of pastors and other ministry staff.

It is our belief that by strengthening the emotional and mental health of pastors and ministry leaders, we will in turn strengthen and multiply the work of the kingdom.

Ministry Staff

  • Only a quarter of churches (27 percent) have a plan to assist families affected by mental illness according to pastors. And only 21 percent of family members are aware of a plan in their church.
  • Few churches (14 percent) have a counselor skilled in mental illness on staff, or train leaders how to recognize mental illness (13 percent) according to pastors.
  • Two-thirds of pastors (68 percent) say their church maintains a list of local mental health resources for church members. But few families (28 percent) are aware those resources exist.
  • Family members (65 percent) and those with mental illness (59 percent) want their church to talk openly about mental illness, so the topic will not be a taboo. But 66 percent of pastors speak to their church once a year or less on the subject.
  • One in four pastors & congregants suffer from mental illness*


About Vanessa York

Vanessa YorkVanessa graduated from John Wesley University with a BA in Psychology and Christian Ministries and then went on to receive her master’s degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling. Vanessa has also been a minister for 25 years in many different capacities. Vanessa is married to the love of her life Robert and has 5 children. She also has her first grand baby this year. Vanessa York is a true coffee addict! In fact, if she is not counseling adolescents or ministry workers in her private practice you will probably find her at the local Starbucks. Vanessa’s passion is pouring into people for healing, growth, and finding ones’ true calling. She also has a passion for helping hurting people and changing the stigma of mental health in society and especially in faith-based communities.

"So thankful for You and the ways you have loved on my sweet girl!"

"Vanessa is a gifted counselor. She provides a safe place to discuss feelings without judgement. She helped me work through some tough family issues and provided guidance based on biblical principles."

"Vanessa was a tremendous help to my son. She was always kind and professional and provided my son with tools that he could use every day. I highly recommend Vanessa, she is a great counselor and friend."