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Teens and Adolescents


Our Mission:

The mission of York Counseling Services is to provide spiritual and emotional healing to hurting people - with an emphasis on adolescents and teens and to provide specialized counseling services for pastors and ministry staff.

Faith Based Family & Teen Counseling

When life leaves you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and hurt, you do not have to go through it alone. Therapy can aid healing and help you find peace. If you want to bring about change in areas of life you are struggling with and you need guidance to find a healthier way to live, therapy can provide the help you need. We minister and counsel with a holistic mindset – mind, heart, body & soul. You deserve to be whole again.

York Counseling services has worked with adolescents for over 20 years and we feel called to help struggling teens. We conduct therapy sessions specifically designed for today’s teens, addressing the problems like depression, suicide, bullying and other issues often faced by adolescents.

In addition to teens, we enjoy helping people of all ages gain control of their lives and obtain peace and healing. experience counseling adolescents, women, families, and couples regarding stress, anxiety, depression, communication, trauma, grief, career, and marital counseling.

Whether we are working with adults, teens, or adolescents and their families, we take an eclectic approach to counseling, utilizing therapies that will work best for each individual client, couple, or family. Let us work with you to start your journey toward healing, and happiness.

"So thankful for You and the ways you have loved on my sweet girl!"

"Vanessa is a gifted counselor. She provides a safe place to discuss feelings without judgement. She helped me work through some tough family issues and provided guidance based on biblical principles."

"Vanessa was a tremendous help to my son. She was always kind and professional and provided my son with tools that he could use every day. I highly recommend Vanessa, she is a great counselor and friend."